Eliza (or Snowene as she was known in the 1966 English dub) is the mother of Kimba and mate of Caesar. She’s captured by poachers and used as bait to slaughter her mate. Then she’s put on a ship, where she gives birth to her son and 2 months later sends him back to the jungle. That very night, a storm starts and Eliza sinks with the ship. A picture of her in the stars appeared to Leo.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Eliza makes her first appearance in episode 1 of 1966 Kimba the White Lion, and she reprised her original role in 1989 "The New Adventures of Kimba". She was also in the 2009 special "Jungle Emperor: the Brave Will Change the Future".    

Jungle Emperor (manga)[edit | edit source]


Beside being the mate of Panja (Caesar) and the mother of Kimba (Leo), Eliza has a minor role in the manga, like in the anime. One difference from 1966 English dub of the anime is that Panja brings the livestock to the jungle and feeds it to the other jungle animals and his mate, Eliza. When Panja gets slayed by Viper Snakely (Hamegg), he is slaughtered promptly in front of Eliza without exchanging words about Eliza having his son. Therefore, Eliza gives Kimba (Leo) his name on her own. Otherwise, the events that occur in Ep. 1 - Go, White Lion! are similar in the manga.

In Kimba the White Lion (1966)[edit | edit source]


Eliza (Snowene in the '66 English Dub) appears mainly in Ep. 1 - Go, White Lion! and also is a minor character in other episodes appearing in flashbacks. She’s a supportive mate to Caesar, but she fears for his safety every time he goes into the village to free the livestock into the jungle. She’s tricked by hearing a recording of Caesar's roar and gets captured by the human hunters. She’s used as bait in order for the humans to capture the white lion Caesar. Caesar tells Snowene in his dying wishes to name their unborn son, "Kimba". In success of the hunter's mission, Snowene has been lifted onto a ship to be shipped off to a zoo. She gives birth on the ship to her son, Kimba. After a few months, she tells Kimba (Leo) he doesn’t belong in a zoo and belongs in the jungle. She gives Kimba strength and encouragement to jump out of the ship and search for the jungle. A huge storm shows up at sea and wrecks the boat. In other appearances, she’s seen in flashbacks by Kimba to give support by comforting or singing with him.

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The New Adventures of Kimba the White Lion (1989)[edit | edit source]

Eliza keeps the same role as she did in Kimba the White Lion (1966). She was unable to tell Caesar (Panja) she was having his cub until he was about to pass on by the gunshot from Viper Snakely (Hamegg).

Jungle Emperor: The Brave Can Change the Future (2009)[edit | edit source]

Unlike her previous appearances, Eliza remains alive throughout the entire movie. She was taken to the Neo Jungle along with many other animals when she was just a cub. She departs with all the other animals at the end of the movie to seek out the real jungle. This (and the Leo the Lion Cub (manga)) is the only adaptation which she doesn't die in.

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