Viper Snakely, also known as Hamegg (ハムエッグ hamueggu) is reoccurring character from the Osamu Tezuka Star System. In Jungle Emperor, he is a poacher and is responsible for the death of Kimba's father, Caesar (Panja).

Personality[edit | edit source]

Hamegg is a slimy, cold-blooded poacher who only cares about money and his daughter.

Design[edit | edit source]

Hamegg typically wears a hat. He has shaggy hair and a small curly mustache.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

In Jungle Emperor[edit | edit source]

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He only plays a role in the first half of the manga. He was an animal hunter who is accountable for the demise of Panja. Wanting to take back to moonlight stone that he got from the native jungle tribe and sell it for money, he’s unsuccessful in finding someone who’s ready to buy the stone. As the returns to the Aden port in Yemen, his daughter, Mary, finds him and tells him she wishes to go home. Hamegg fails to make this daughter content and blames his failures on the stone. Out of desperation, Hamegg decides on trusting two professors named Dr. Plus and Dr. Minus to travel back to Africa to find the source of the Moonlight Stone he has so that he can financially gain from the situation. He also has an opportunity to grow closer to his daughter as she also comes along.

A former acquaintance named Lamp decides to suddenly join his expedition and sneakily take the stone off of his hands. His daughter takes taken by a native tribe and desperately searches for her for months.

Later on, Kimba attacked him when he realized that Ham Egg is the one who slaughtered his father, He’s fatally wounded by Claw (Bubu) at long last. He says his final words to Kenichi, he wasn’t seen again in the other half of the manga (due to his demise) later on.

In Kimba the White Lion (1965)[edit | edit source]

Ham Egg (ep. 13).PNG

Ham Egg is known as Viper Snakely in the '66 English Dub of the series. He and his sidekick, Kutter appear only in the first and 13th episodes. Ham Egg came from America. His boss hired Ham Egg and his hunting crew to come to the African jungle to dispense with the white lion, Panja (Caesar) because he is stealing the villagers' livestock. He gets an idea to trap the white lion by using his mate as bait. He lures Panja (Caesar) to the hunters and Ham Egg manages to slaughter the white lion with one shot. While on the ship to sail back to sell the lions to a zoo in London, a terrible storm hits the ship. Somehow, he and Kutter survived made back to shore and to the jungle again.

In the 13th episode, The Trappers, Ham Egg and Kutter try to create a plan to capture all the animals of the jungle. They fib about their profession to Kenichi (Roger Ranger), Kimba and the others get them to trust them. Ham Egg invites everyone to a party where he manages to get all the animals to fall asleep with a special drink. In the end, Ham Egg rallies up the animals in cages, but he is stopped by the animals that didn't attend the party at long last.

In Jungle Emperor (1989)[edit | edit source]

Ham Egg (left) with Kutter (right)

He still shares the same role like in the first chapter of the manga and first episode of the 1965 series. While Kutter is still his assistant, he has a more prominent role in this series than Hamegg does.

In Jungle Emperor Leo (1997)[edit | edit source]

Ham Egg acts as the main antagonist in the film contrary to the original manga where he was already killed as this point in the story. Ham Egg has the Moonlight Stone where the Professors want to acquire it for him, but Ham Egg says that it'll cost them if they want it. Reluctantly, Ham Egg leads the expedition to find the source of the Moonlight Stones: Mount Moon on the condition that Ham Egg is allowed to bring in his own team. Ham Egg abuses his power as leader by cutting down tress in the jungle, starting a fire and shooting as many animals as he can with his own crew.

Ham Egg with the stones (1997).PNG

After a while, Ham Egg decides to take his own crew to Mount Moon while leaving the professors behind. Slowly one by one, his crew members meet their demise on the journey, but Ham Egg doesn't seem to care. They race up to the top of Mount Moon while trying to stop Leo and the professors from reaching it first. Ham Egg causes an avalanche by shooting a wolf on the mountain, killing the only two of his crew members left. As the professors' group reach the top where they find the Moonlight Stone deposits, Ham Egg managed to follow them. He becomes overridden with power at the sight of the stones and loses his senses.

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